29. May 2014

Overnight Oats

Overnight_Oats_4The day I discovered overnight oats, must have been my lucky day. Ever since it has been one of my favorite (and for sure most eaten) breakfasts. It’s perfect for everyone with little time or patience in the morning, as you can prepare it the previous night. Plus: no big cooking skills needed!

I often prepare them in a glass jar that I can easily take to go when time runs short. The oats taste especially good with fresh fruits. Add a handful of nuts and you have a healthy and balanced breakfast.

To get very creamy oats, make sure to use fine oats, as they will absorb the liquid better and be super creamy. Enjoy!





Overnight Oats


  • Prep Time: 5 minutes + overnight soaking time or a couple of hours
  • Servings: 1


  • 80g rolled oats
  • 200ml plant milk (they all work well)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon


  • 1 banana
  • 1 handful of pomegranate seeds
  • 1 handful of almonds


Mix your oats and plant milk in a bowl, stir well and put it in the fridge overnight or for a couple of hours. The oats will then have soaked up the fluid and be super creamy. Stir again and top it to you liking.

  • Have to try this (and all the other recipes too :)), looks so good!

  • Raymond

    Would I add the cinnamon in the morning or at night? Thank you in advance, looks yummy too!!

    • livingthehealthychoice

      I don’t believe it really matters, I however would add it in the morning (: Thank you!

  • Julie

    Does it work with cow milk as well?

    • livingthehealthychoice

      Of course it does, yes!

  • Pauline

    Which rolled oats brand and plant milk brand d you use?

    • livingthehealthychoice

      No special brand here. Sometimes I will get gluten-free oats, but most of the time just normal ones. Same goes to plant milk. When I do not make my own, I always buy some without added sugar!

  • emilie

    do you have to cover them as they sit overnight?

    • livingthehealthychoice

      I don’t, but nothing wrong with that either! (:

  • I made it with cow milk (1,5% fat) and it turned out really well!

  • Ahh this looks so nice, I’ve always loved the look of it when you’ve posted photos on Instagram! I’ll definitely have to try making it for breakfast. Do you happen to know if rolled oats and porridge oats are the same please? I’ve only ever seen porridge oats in the UK rather than rolled oats, so I’m not sure!

    It would be great if you could set up Bloglovin’ – loads of people use it and that’s where most of my blog followers are. It makes it so much easier to see new posts! Looking forward to your future posts.

    Millie x // Hidden Beauty

    • livingthehealthychoice

      Thank you so much for the advice! I have tried to set one up, but it doesn’t seem to accept my blog so far! Ahhh.. technique.

      I think porridge oats are the same. When I was in London this past weekend everyone kept saying porridge instead of oatmeal. So it might be the same? You just go for it!

      All the best to you!

      • Really? That’s odd! If I remember correctly, you make an account on Bloglovin’, then find the section where you “register” your blog. Enter the URL and it should give you a small HTML code that you then have to put somewhere in your coding, just to actually connect it up and show that you own said blog! I’m certain that there are some tutorials around but let me know if you need any help.

        Yep porridge and oatmeal are exactly the same thing – I’m pretty sure that porridge is a UK only term! I had a little look up and apparently porridge oats are ever so slightly different than rolled oats, being that they are a bit bigger and go soggier easier. I’ve never seen rolled oats in the shops before, so I guess I’ll just test it out with porridge oats and see how it goes!

        Thank you, you too. Welcome to blogging world aswell haha!

        Millie x // Hidden Beauty

      • Got it! Thank you so much for the help. Would you recommend a bloglovin button or do users add the blog themselves? I am an absolute newbie to bloglovin! xx

      • Awh good, you’re welcome! I’d definitely reccomend getting one – I have the little blue “x amount followers” and a social button (have a look at my blog if you don’t understand what I mean haha). The buttons basically allows readers to have the ease of only having to click the link on your blog, and hit follow, meaning that they can keep up with your new posts in the Facebook style news feed that everyone gets (which only shows posts of the people you follow)!

        It’s like if you were linking up your Twitter or Instagram, you would have a link/image on here allowing people to know exactly which profile is yours so they can follow!

        Hopefully I explained that okay :)

        Millie x // Hidden Beauty

  • Sam

    This recipe looks amazing. I’m going to try this out tomorrow! Btw, your Instagram is mindblowing.

  • Petra

    I’ve never liked oats before, but with this recipe I can give it another try, ’cause it looks delicious! Good luck with your blog!

  • Pia Brinkschulte

    I love your blog, this is going to be soo helpful for when i’m starting to cook for myself this summer!

  • Bridie

    So in the morning you don’t cook the oats and milk like you would do with porridge? xx

  • simran

    Hi! I was just wondering if overnight oats can be made with quaker instant oats as well? Usually we boil the milk and oats together to cook them till thick. How would i convert this form to overnight oats, any advice? :)

  • Anna-Maria

    I’ve tried this with cow milk and putted, strawberries, bananas, hazelnuts, a little bit of honey and lemon juice and it tasted really good :) Already have another bowl in my fridge this time with a little bit of vanilla inside of it! I already told my parents about it, maybe my dad will try it aswell and I will let my mum taste it :) Also i just gave a friend the link of this and she thinks it sounds really delicious! :) Thank you for the idea and the recipe! Can’t wait to try more recipes out! :) I already love to cook and you inspire to try some vegetarian / vegan menues out :) Looks all so yummy! Keep up the good work!
    But I have a question, if we, the readers have a recipe for your blog, which is vegan or vegetarian, can we also submit it? :)

  • Alex

    Hey! Could you post your recipe for almond milk? I would love to make my own! You’re recipes are amazing can’t wait for more!

  • Aubrey

    I feel so blessed to have found you and your recipes! Thank you so much for introducing me to overnight oats! You have been a great inspiration to me as I strive to make simpler, healthier meals.

    Have a great day!

    Aubrey :)

  • Mary

    What exactly is the difference between rolled oats and quick oats? Can I use quick instead of rolled here? thanks Pauline

    • Quick oats are slightly thinner than rolled oats. It should work just as well though. :)

  • Angela

    When I make overnight oats, I get a gooey and sticky consistency that I don’t like, as compared to cooking oats on the spot. Anyone know what that might be, and how to prevent it?

    • Maybe you haven’t used enough liquid? They tend to get more sticky in that case. :)

  • I added some cocoa to mine and it tasted amazing! Love this recipe and your website looks so good. Congrats Pauline!

  • Caro


    sorry this is in german (I get confused with the english terms for this):
    Benutzt du kernige oder zarte Haferflocken? Oder ist es egal welche, und beeinflusst nur die Zeit, wie lange die Flocken ziehen müssen?

    Danke :)

    • Hey! Ich verwende für die overnight oats fast ausschließlich zarte Haferflocken, Zeit bleibt gleich, aber sie werden viel cremiger. :)

  • I LOVE having oatmeal/porridge for breakfast and I’ve been wasting like good 10 minutes every morning to prepare them, so that’s an awesome recipe I’ll definitely try out!
    My question though is – can you heat them up? In a microwave or something? I really like them warm and I’m not sure if the cold ones will be that good.
    So do you think pouring this into a pan for a moment or getting it microwaved for like half a minute is a good idea? Do you ever eat them warm?

    • Hey Annie,
      I don’t heat up my overnight oats. When I’m feeling like warm porridge I will be making simple oatmeal/porridge. I don’t see much wrong with heating it, you could just make some porridge then though. :)

  • Merle

    Sorry if this question makes me look like a fool, but i dont know much about cooking but love healthy food, ive looked around at home and i have porridge oats so will that work, if not ill go out and buy some, thanks!

  • Merle

    Would porridge oats work? or our all oats the same?

  • Alexander Perendes

    Is soya milk plant milk????

  • Yasmeen Allouche

    Been meaning to try this for a while and now I have! I just put my bowl in the fridge ready for tomorrow morning! (I live in Australia just in case you’re confused). Excellent idea and you’re dishes look gorgeous!!

  • Camila Erazo

    Congrats, I’ve been looking your recipes in instagram, but this blog is so much better and clear so faaar! Thank you, you’ve been really helpfull, greetings from Colombia! Xoxo

  • Nicky

    hi um i was wondering if this would work if you just use water even though it would be less creamy and if i could also use chocolate almond milk/cows milk thankyou!

    • mmhm – I wouldn’t go for water, but chocolate almond milk (or cow milk) sounds great!

  • Sarah

    hi! can I try this with instant oatmeal?

  • Ella

    Hi! I need help! I’ve been trying overnight oats for a month now, but mine always turns out to be dry compared to the ones in your picture and the ones in the internet. It’s like the oats sucked all the milk and didn’t leave a single drop, it doesn’t look right. I don’t really know what I did wrong. I’ve been following the 1:1 rule; I only combine 1 cup of Unsweetened almond milk and 1 cup of rolled oats then add fruits the next day. Should I change something?

    You inspired me to eat healthy and be creative, Thank you! :)

    • Hey Ella, it sounds as if you’re not using enough fluids! It works fine with me with the measurements I posted above, maybe you can give those a try.
      Warm regards to you. :)

  • Sureyya

    This looks amazing and your photography is amazing too! :) could I make this recipe using unsweetened almond milk?

  • Hill

    How do u make the blueberry one where the base is an indigo color?

  • Bianca

    They look delicious! I was wondering, are these overnight oats the same as porridge and oatmeal? I can’t understand the difference, thank you very much in advance!

    • Hey! The difference is that overnight oats are soaked in plant milk for a couple of hours, no heating up at all! Unlike porridge, where the milk/water gets boiled and oats added. I hope it makes sense :)

      • Bianca

        thank you very much! it did make sense to me, you were very helpful! :) can i also use regular milk instead of plant milk?

      • Of course you can! :)

  • Aralaiqualasse


    Found this overnight recipe interesting…I plan to try it myself.

    Just before I start, may I ask if I just make plain oat + milk without adding fruits r nuts, how long it can stay in the fridge?

    Cause some of the recipe I found add in fruits and nuts along overnight….and yours mentioned ” The oats taste especially good with fresh fruits” means I can add fruit just before I want to consume the overnight oat right?

    My job cause me to have less time at home (have to stay overnight at workplace), sometime I only be back for shower and change then hop back to work…..Rushing TT_TT

    • Hey!
      I totally get you, I have those stressful days as well! I would add the fruits in the morning, quickly cutting them up.

      However, if you want to get more of a bircher muesli, you could add some chia seeds, yogurt and berries and leave it all over night. You’ll then have a delicious creamy muesli breakfast!
      I hope I could help!

  • Aysa

    Looks awesome, thanks for the recipe! I moved to Berlin not a long time ago and translating from english to german is a bit tricky sometimes. :) Rolled oats on your pictures look like Haferflocken in a german supermarket, is it right?

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